Northfield and Willowbrae Community Council

A modern, lively community between city and sea

NORTHFIELD AND WILLOWBRAE COMMUNITY COUNCIL ELECTIONS A new community council has been elected - 13 individual members; no organisations have nominated members. The first meeting, convened by the Returning Officer, was held on Thursday 3 November at 6pm in the Northfield Community Centre.


The district of the Northfield and Willowbrae Community Council stretches from within a few hundred metres of the beach at Portobello right across to the walls of the Palace of Holyroodhouse where the boundary follows the Queen's Drive. The ancient village of Duddingston and the parkland of Duddingston House mark one corner; the old village around Jock's Lodge, the A-listed houses at Piershill rebuilt from 18th century barracks, and the Figgate Burn Park all lie within its perimeter. The area is home to about 13,000 people in the mid 20th century areas of Northfield, Mountcastle, Abercorn, Lady Nairne, the Hamiltons, much of the Durhams and Southfield. Much of the land was owned by the Dukes of Abercorn whose family names are given to many of the streets.


Over 2,500 children attend schools in the area: the Royal High Primary, Parson Green Primary, Duddingston Primary, St John's Roman Catholic Primary, Portobello High School and Holy Rood High School. There are good transport links into the City and out to East Lothian and Midlothian and a good selection of shopping.

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