Letters and documents

Community Councils are required to hold 6 meetings a year and an Annual General Meeting, usually in May or June. Meetings of the Community Council will normally take place in the Northfield Community Centre at 7.30pm. Everyone is welcome.

If there is an issue you wish to bring to the attention of the Community Council it would be appreciated if you would send an email to the Secretary.

Meetings 2016-2018

Meetings 2014-2015

Date Agenda Minutes
November 19th 2015 Agenda and Notes Minutes of 19 November
October 22nd 2015 Agenda Minutes of 22 October
September 17th 2015 Agenda and Paper Minutes of 17 September
July 16th 2015 Agenda and Notes Minutes of 16 July
June 18th 2015 Agenda Minutes of 18 June
May 28th 2015 Annual Report 2014-15 Minutes of AGM 2014-15
March 19th 2015 Agenda Minutes of 19 March
January 22nd 2015 Agenda Minutes of 22 January
November 20th 2014 Agenda Minutes of 20 November
September 25th 2014 Agenda Minutes of 25 September
June 12th 2014 Agenda Minutes of 12 June
April 10th 2014 Agenda Minutes of 10 April

Letters And Documents